Wednesday, January 25, 2012

continuation of first post

What i want to accomplish as a secondary ed history teacher is for my students to understand what exactly it was like in certain situations throughout history.  For example if i discuss a war  like the American Civil War I want  them to understand how they fought, lived, what weapons they used, and what they weapons could do a person.  In that same token i would take them to a football field and stand them up in lines and describe what would happen as the Union and Confederate troops would clash on the many bloody battle sof the Civil War.  In this way I believe that they will have a greater apprecation of what transpired.  I also want my students to understand why things are the way they are today.  For instance why is Korea divided?, Why our military is always on alert? and etc...    My feeling is that if you can put the studenst in their shoes, then they will have a better connection with it.

One lesson i am currently working (in my free time) on is a lesson on the Sinking of the Titanic.  The disaster for whatever reason intrigues me and i am trying to learn all that i can about it. I recently saw something on youtube that has changed my whole thinking on what happened that cold April night in 1912.  This video series on youtube describes the disaster as an insurnace scam, and worse off it makes some sense and they guy is kinda weird looking lol. It has 6 parts and not all is true but a good deal dose actually make sense!   In any case i would like to give each student in my class a name of someone on board, and as i go along i reveal at certain points who has died up to this point, or who is still alive.  This way they can connect to the what is being discussed. 

I hope to share this blog with anyone who is in need of help in any history class, and anything i find interesting, and possibly anniverseries of important dates like the 100 year anniversery of the Titanic disaster is this april.  If anyone has a question on somehting please feel free to ask i am always willing to help!

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