My Twenty First Century Classroom

This belief statement made me think of my 11th grade history teacher Mr. Pfadt, and how he made me want to become a Hisotry teacher.  I learned to remember my mistakes and not to repeat them.

My Classroom
              My futuristic classroom may seem a bit unfuturistic, but it has many advantages I hope to convey to students.  My classroom has a basic set up to promote simplicity in teaching.   My classroom will be the model for collaboration, communication, and authentic assessment. This is the Model I used except I made my room a one instructor room.  I will also have many futuristic inventions in my class to help supplement my teaching with more personal informational tools such as the Hologram projector, or the Simulation prism.  My classroom will even have enough laptops for all of my students with a couple of hard drive computers on the desk in case of laptop failure.  The students will even be able to take the laptops back to their chairs. 
            In terms of collaboration, my set up is very easy to promote collaboration between students. As seen on my diagram, the student seating area has clusters of lazy boy chairs with desk attachments.  This will provide optimal comfort to enhance concentration.  The student will be in clusters of four.  This will promote collaborative learning for those that do not understand the material.  I will also use these clusters to have further collaboration between different clusters.  The projects and activities conducted in my class will also have effective collaboration techniques because the clusters will be a team.  The students will have the laptops in front of them to research and to collect ideas and details needed to complete the assignment. 
        Communication will be quick and easy in my classroom. The laptops will also provide for quiet communication in the class room.  You can communicate with one group to find better information, or to show the project thus far for peer evaluation.  I will be communicating with my students through their own blogs, and I will post what happened in class everyday on my website so that students who were not in class can see what the class did that day.  I also will have speakers around my classroom so when I give direct instruction for a lesson, every student will hear me through the use of a head set.  This will also be helpful when I show a movie or video type aid to help illustrate my lessons.  
            Direct assessment will be handled by three inventions in my room.  First is the hologram projector.  This will be used to visually see a battle play out, or to see what someone looked like, and hear that person describe who they were and what they did along with some of their famous quotes.  Second will be the simulator prism.  If students have free time or if I feel it necessary I will have the students go in, choose an event, and have them be put in the situation so they understand what we are talking about in class.  This will make it easier to for students to understand, and to have an appreciation of what they are learning about.  Third the Smart board will allow for quick online connection to information, it is an easy way to display power points for direct instruction, and to show documentaries. This will allow for further assessment of covered materials.  Basic guide lines & New Ideas

Rituals and Routines
            My normal routines and rituals will include using the video and moving around the classroom to have visual information.  I will typically have video and audio aids with the information. I would also put these materials on my website so they can access these for later use.  The material would be highly accessible.  To access the students need to go on to the website and click on the link or video and they can listen or watch the material over again at their convenience.  Typically I would start with a bell ringer using a video clip or audio recording whereby students will collaborate and answer the question(s) associated with the bell ringer. From their I would go into the lesson using the Smart board.  I would then finish up class by reviewing material or using the hologram projector, or the simulator prism to help emphasize my point, and then refering to an OER for Home Play.  This link will help students undersand what an OER is.   
 Instructional Glimpse
A typical lesson would involve direct instruction followed by student opportunity to have further inquiry into the topic on the laptops in the back.  I will use a different things to help introduce topics and typically have projects to wrap up unit concepts. When I begin a new unit or topic, I will have an introductory excerise as seen in my powerpoint.   I will also consult with OER'S To make sure my informtaion is up to date.  I will frequently refer to these to show students that one my information is credible, and to see where they can gain further information on the subject.  How to make OER

                                                                My Technology Integration
 I will incorporate technology through the use of audio and visual illustration on the topic.  Furthermore I will use the technological advancements of the Hologram projector and the Simulation prism.  I will offer OER’s I have found to help supplement my direct instruction materials, so that my students will have a complete and total understanding of the material presented to them.  I will also use technology on the smart board to play games with my students to review before a test.  I can better engage and encourage my students to do well.  I will also have my classes compete with each other and use a class blog system to have my classes pass ideas on to each other. This will contribute to all of my classes understanding the material and moving forward to help improve their technological skills.
            I will use my blog to help set up the class blog system I have just described.  This will help me learn as a teacher because I will be able to monitor the responses of my students.  I will then learn what I did well on, what I can improve, and do differently. My Blog  As for publishing student work, I will have times in my class where I will repost student work on my own blog.  This will receive notice beacuse of my contacts that the studenst do not have.  Thus, I will propel my students work to the masses. 

My Sources

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This website describes how to make an OER. This will help me make a better classroom by perfecting my knowledge of histroy with others. I can also have my students create their own OER's to help get their work published.

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