Monday, April 23, 2012


I was not sure what to think, but they are rather interesting and thought provoking. These can be used to collaborate and create new classes to teach to give students new horizons to help pursue individual interests. I personally do not think this will affect me in anyway. However, I could see myself possibly creating one for someone else. This seems dumb because of just giving information to help people with no reward. Charity is a nice thing, but this can breed laziness in teachers and imagine the ridicule we will get when that happens. This is just like teaching something for a state test because you teacher what is followed in the guide lines. I would not use one because of the constant updating. I like to have a finished product. However, I can see myself consulting with someone who makes these to gain new strategies of reaching my students. My last link shows how to make an interactive time line. This means technology OER's can be useful to help me be a more tech interactive teacher. My fear is I will lose a connection and credibility with my students by using and creating one of these. The job will be to update the file rather than feed the information to the kids. I want to have viable conversations with my students, not answering questions about what I posted/ updated the night before. OER's can be great guidelines for struggling teachers, and they can be supplements to what the students learn in a class. A surprising aspect is that I have never heard about these things before. The OER's have been around for roughly ten years. If they are that influential why haven't I haven’t heard of them or seen one. Is it because there are more kinks then positives to be effective? They basically sound like an online class/study guide. As with many things I have been exposed to in this class I have many doubts, but I do see potential good. The effectiveness of this as a tool is to be decided along with these ideas already out there. Except they have videos and content together. I see OER's as accredited blogs.  In any case I am interested in learnign more about these.  The links below describe diffenerent stages and parts of OER's that i find helpful to understanding them.

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