Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Visual Essay

My visual essay was a very interesting project for me.  I mastered photostory, bought a microphone for my computer, and learned i did have a story that made me wnat to be a teacher.  On top of that i found this project to be fun and easy once I got focused.  I thought the two hardest things about this was the writing the essay and surprisingly the audio recording.  The audio was difficult because i kept getting nervous, had the microphone to close to my mouth, and got carried away with adding audio.  So, this meant i had to do my audio's many times.  Two thngs i could have done better was to add more words to the pictures.  I felt like I had a lot in the beginning and few at the end.  I did this because the last part was diifcult to indetify what to put witht he pictures and the beginning was easier.  It was rewarding to come up with a belief statement to identify what your teaching stragety, and what your beliefs are.  Learning from your mistakes is not only a saying it is a life lesson.  I would use this in a class room to wrap up a topic.  So to go over the first world war i might have them make a photo story about world war one.  I would also use movies by showing documentaries.  This dosen't make me lazy because i will use these movies to supplement my teaching so the steudenst can get a visual interpretation of the notes and class discussions. 

This is my visual essay hope you enjoy!

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