Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dress Codes and I.D. badages in High Schools

Who likes being told what they can where to a place they do not even want to go to?  I am guessing nobody.  However some public school districts around the United States are instituting dress codes for no real reasons.  These reasons include keeping gang paraphernalia out of schools, to keep sexuality out of schools, and to prepare kids for the outside world.  The problem i have with this is I myself was forced to dress by a code at my old high school in Harbor Creek Pennsylvania for a couple of years.  In addition I like many students in these circumstances was forced to wear I.D. tags.  This site is a normal code with no harsh crackdown.  Typical code  this one has list of things they can restrict crackdown     in this scenario parents are on the student’s side fighting back

 Whys is this a major concern in education today you might ask?  Well, it is a giant distraction to the whole education process.  Teachers will be more worried about saving their own skins and reporting out of dress behavior than teaching.  I have experienced this myself, and i have seen good kids getting suspension for not being in code and/or not wearing their I.D. tag.  The point is that it is already difficult to get kids to focus in school as it is.  With these added measures school becomes a prisons or as my friends and i would say a "concentration camp."  We would even call our I.D. tags Stars of David, or serial numbers.  This is cruel mind you, but they would really piss you off! 

        Watch this Salinas

Watch this too sorry videos links are not cooperating  Question on uniforms

The reasons for doing these things are "on the surface" valid arguments in some extreme cases.  For example gang idea is for the city schools, and a silly dress code will not do much to slow that down.  Stopping sexuality in schools and preparing for the outside world go hand in hand.  Essentially the outside world doesn’t care what you wear.  My school stressed the point to dress like you would in college.  College doesn’t care what you wear or for that matter show up.  They just want money. 

Additional problems are created by instituting a dress code.  Parents need to buy clothing for their kids.  How can they do this if they have no money in their budget?  What happens if you lose I.D. in school?  You pay 5 bucks for a new one.  The whole thing is a waste of money.  My school would not let us wear sweatpants, or athletic shorts.  They even went as far as to make an assembly to call us hoodlums and gangbangers when we go to a county school.  We also see a breakdown of authority, and a reason to disobey the rules.  

I do understand this is kind of a rant from a couple of year ago, but hearing about it from what i saw will help you see the problems that are created by such a silly and dumb thing.  The stakeholders for these things are the administration, and i feel that administrations are out of touch today in schools.  If they had any sense they would not do these dumb things.

On the other hand you have to decide for yourself what should be done this website shows that there can be progress made with dress codes.  For it  This also shows that they are on the rise since 2000. On the Rise

I also realize that the uniforms are not always this fancy, but they can eventually lead to this. 

Either way i feel that these are unesscary to schools and will only serve as further distractions to the educational process.

If this problem is not fixed then school will lose sight in the point of schools.  Not to enforce things, but to teach kids, and teach more than following the rules.  Although it can teach kids the imporatnce of voting and democracy.  But back to the point if this is not changed learning, respect for autthority, and casual dress will cease to exist.  At the very least letting kids choose their close aids in their decision making.

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